Why Attend?
First and foremost, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to every member over the age of eighteen (18) or their parents if under eighteen, of the Association. Every member is entitled to know how the Association is run, ask questions, and voice their views. While the Association encourages member participation at any time during the year, the AGM is the official forum where items can be publicly discussed by the membership and the Executive Committee. Many important issues are discussed at the AGM including the overall program direction for the Association, including financials, operations, and initiatives. Official Association business, such as the election of Executive Members, and amendments to the By-laws also take place. This process is exactly the same as being a shareholder in a company. The AGM is where you get your say on how the Association is run.

Who Can Attend?
It is a common misconception that the AGM is only for the Executives. In fact it the opposite, it is where the Executive Committee reports on the Association’s status to the Membership, and where the Membership can voice their views to the Executive Committee. Any registered member (or parent representing those under 18) is entitled, and encouraged, to participate. Every member is entitled to a vote at the AGM for any motions that are voted on at the meeting.

Do I Have to Volunteer for a Position if I Attend?
While the strength of the organization is in the volunteers, there is no obligation to volunteer by attending the AGM. It is simply an opportunity to learn about the Association and have your say on how things are run. We do hope, however, that people are willing to help keep the Association running strong by helping out.

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